Villa Barani

A modern Balinese-inspired tropical home with picturesque rice field views. Villa Barani features rough concrete surfaces complemented by warm wood accents. The home provides the perfect retreat for our clients who seek a tranquil, yet luxurious getaway in Bali.

Situated in the sloped hills of Tanah Lot, Marzloff’s signature design blends seamlessly with the beautiful landscape of Bali rice fields. Villa Barani is a tropical holiday home designed as a soulful sanctuary for everyone that stays there.






259 sqm


Villa Barani


Architecture & Interior Design


Private Residence


Till Marzloff - Principal architect
Sharon Laurensia - Architect in charge
Crisa Prameswari - Interior designer
Dwiveka Dananjaya - Project architect

When our clients laid eyes on Till Marzloff’s house for the first time, they immediately knew this was the type of house they we’re lookingfor—a modern Bali home that is timeless and authentic. So Marzloff took the brief and ran with it. From the secluded entrance and humble facade, to an immediate openness to the surrounding garden and access to the majestic view, Villa Barani delights and embodies the essence of a Marzloff home.
< img src="floor.jpg" alt="plan villa architecture bali." >

"When you approach the home you do not see much. It is not until you step beyond its modest facade that the true dimensions of the home and its magnificent views are revealed. It is unexpected and we love this theatrical element of the home."


< img src="architecture.jpg" alt="tropical modern villa architecture bali." >
< img src="architecture.jpg" alt="tropical modern villa architecture bali." >
Marzloff’s signature specialty plays a crucial role here. The combination and contradiction of raw concrete walls and smooth bengkirai wood—the softness and the bold, the lightness and the dark, the airiness and the earth—all encapsulated with understated color palettes. All this was done whilst considering the practicality and durability of a tropical house.

“Marzloff Team was very generous with their time. We completely trusted them with the design of the home, stepped back, and just let them do their magic. We could not be happier with the result – such a beautifully crafted space. It doesn’t feel new, it just belongs."