JuSt Residence

Designed to be a holiday home in the village of Padonan, Bali, the residence boasts a spacious living area and highlights the unique pitched roof of Bali heritage design. JuSt Residence, exuding its tropical village charm, reiterates Marzloff’s specialty in crafting modern Balinese architecture.

A home that not only embraces the principles of simplicity and elegance, it also serves as a testament to the importance of cultural cohesion.






287 sqm




Architecture & Interior Design


Private Residence


Till Marzloff - Principal architect
Sharon Laurensia - Architect in charge
Megawati Putri - Interior designer
Gus Adit - Interior designer

Nestled within Bali’s secluded village, JuSt residence embodies a modern interpretation of Balinese design, harmonizing seamlessly with its surroundings. Despite being one of the tallest buildings in the area, with Its conventional facade and humble charm, it blends gracefully with the neighborhood’s aesthetic. Marzloff wants to emphasize on a timeless design as an homage to Bali’s rich cultural heritage and community, while still serving as a restful sanctuary for the client.
< img src="floor.jpg" alt="plan villa architecture bali." >

“We sent a drone up on day one and found this beautiful view of all these terracotta roofs in this little village of Padonan. So we decided to build a little higher to ensure a rooftop access to this panoramic view, while staying humble through a modern Balinese design. This house celebrates the harmonious coexistence of modern comfort and the timeless splendor of Bali's terrain.”


< img src="architecture.jpg" alt="tropical modern villa architecture bali." >
< img src="architecture.jpg" alt="tropical modern villa architecture bali." >
< img src="architecture.jpg" alt="tropical modern villa architecture bali." >
Signature Marzloff use of natural stones and locally sourced material is on full display here. One element that is constant throughout is Balinese wall relief, Balinese style roof and stonework. The natural and earthy tone adds to its simplicity, while a spacious garden blends both indoor and outdoor living that creates a flow for the house.

“When building in a rural and small village, it is paramount to us to respect the neighborhood. And the highest form of respect to this area is to stay true to its landscape as much as possible. To add and not take away from it.”